About the Inspirer

First, foremost, and forever, giving honor and glory to our Heavenly Father, and showing the highest gratitude for our Savior and Sacrifice, Christ Jesus, I’d like to welcome you to the divinely-inspired blog, Revelations of an Heiress.

God is the awesome, powerful, everlasting, all-consuming Creator, Maker of Heaven and Earth.  He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  And His love is the most wonderful relationship we could ever cultivate.  He’s so significant to our very being because He knows who we were, who we are, and who we are becoming.  God is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone, EVER.

And so, when He calls, we listen.  (Better to listen and obey, then run like Jonah and get swallowed whole by a whale.)  God has called me to serve my sisters in Christ, joint Heiresses to the Throne, in a way that only He can do through me.  I am forever humbled by His calling, and I hope and pray that it absolutely blesses you ladies.

He wants to make the Word real to us.  He longs for us to apply the Gospel across every aspect of our lives.  But sometimes, we need help, encouragement, inspiration.  And that’s why He’s given me Revelations to give to you, to share with you, and to serve His Kingdom.

About The Inspired

It’s just little bitty me, serving my mighty, awesome God through blog, family, church, and community.

I am a writer, blogger, editor, and author.  While we’re labeling things, let’s go ahead and add wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and Heiress to the Kingdom.

I need Jesus just as much as anyone else (if not more), and I’m honored to share the lessons and blessings God teaches me in everyday life.  This is what He’s placed on my heart, and since disobedience hasn’t done me much good, I know obeying His call is the best thing for my life, and hopefully for many of my sisters in Christ.  I’m here for you, the joint Heiresses to the Throne, to encourage, to challenge, to be victorious.

There are many people who may tell you righteousness is easy.  But if you’re a sinner saved by grace, just like me, you’ll know that righteousness can be a struggle.  But, God’s sent me to tell you to be of good cheer.  He always gives us a way out of temptation, He never places more on us than He can bear, and He works everything out for the good of those who love Him.  So though the reality of righteousness can seem overwhelming to mere humans like you and I, we can find all the strength, courage, and power we need in the Spirit of the Lord.

About The Inspiration

My hope, and His calling, is to share real life, real time, practical applications of Scripture and Biblical principles with all the heiresses of the Kingdom.  I call these blessings and lessons the Revelations of an Heiress, because God miraculously reveals His Word in every aspect of my life.  From marriage and raising children, to careers and finances…from friends and family, to fashion and health…(and all those other things I know I missed)…God has something to say about every facet of our lives, and it’s our responsibility to submit to His Way and His Will for the best possible lives we can lead.  We know that He has more in store for us than we can even imagine, so why not do this thing called life God’s way, right? RIGHT!

I’m so excited that you’ve come to visit the site, and hope that something you find here touches your heart, encourages your faith, and inspires your blessed life.  If that happens, please share with friends and family to spread the Good News, because we are called to share the Gospel with the world.  So, let the light presented here so shine into your lives, that you may become a beacon of hope and a ray of righteousness for your friends, families, peers, and communities.

To God be the glory…

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