Hey ladies! My name is Amber, and I’m a writer and blogger here at Revelations of an Heiress.

Whether you stumbled upon me by accident, heard about the blog from a sister in the faith, or read something I posted elsewhere, I’m so grateful and humbled and ecstatic that you’ve made it here to my digital home.

So come on in, take your shoes off, and kick your feet up. Enjoy a cup of delicious coffee (maybe even my husband’s coffee) and let’s hang out like a couple of girlfriends on a cozy couch on Saturday morning. Oh…and don’t forget the cookies.

Ok…so what about the blog?

Revelations of an Heiress was birthed out of a desire to share my journey of spiritual growth with other women. In a time where everyone is so focused on professional development and personal development, I saw in my own life that spiritual development was an afterthought. To be honest, it was a tiny thought. A tiny, stay in the back of my mind, never to get space in the forefront thought. Sad but true.

So I set out to take more of an interest in my spiritual development right here on this very blog. I believe every woman can embrace her unique journey of spiritual development. But just like any good girls’ road trip, you’ll need a few things to enjoy your time.

My desire is to share each week the everyday lessons and blessings that I would typically miss if I wasn’t paying attention. I believe that God has something to show us every single day, a lesson to teach us, even the smallest blessing to grant us. These revelations, as I call them, are the substance of this blog, and the focus of my spiritual development.

To take the guesswork out of it, sign up for my weekly updates here…

As we grow together, I’m looking forward to providing a variety of resources for you to use in your own journey of spiritual development. Stay tuned for the very first resource that will be available soon!

This sounds great! So how can I get involved?

I’m glad you asked!

My prayer is that you join me on this journey of spiritual growth and development. As I share, I encourage you to share, to be aware that God is all around us, molding us and shaping us and forming us into the very image of Christ.

And while I’m not claiming that this road will be Easy Street, I do want to be honest and provide some transparency about my own issues, shortcomings, and struggles, hoping that you realize you are not alone in this walk. Not only do you have the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (which is the Divine Triple Threat), but you also have me. And wide community of ladies that love Christ and will love you.

Get involved by building community. Reach out, to me and the other ladies that join in on the journey here. Start a conversation, both online and off, and share what you’re discovering and how you’re growing. And let’s encourage one another along the way.

Thanks Amber! Now what?

Well, make yourself comfortable. Read a series or search for a particular topic. Comment and start a conversation. Nothing’s better than a couple of girlfriends in Christ chatting about the faith. And feel free to share anything that has been spiritual nourishment to you, as hopefully, it will be just as fruitful to the next woman.

We all have room to grow. I foremost. But together, we can do this. We can grow in God and grow in grace.

In Christ’s name….Amen…

Now break open a box of Oreos and pour a cup of perfectly roasted coffee, and let’s get growing!

I’m all comfy…now lead me to the good stuff!

Here are some of my favorites and favorites of your fellow sisters in Christ…check them out!

Girl, we need to talk!

I’m in! Connect with me here at home (my cyber home anyway, AKA this blog) or one of my cyber homes away from cyber home.

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