My Scripture for the Year 2018

My Scripture of the Year for 2018 is from Psalm 90:12.

For quite some time now, God has been placing the challenge on my heart to be fruitful.

As Christian women, we are all called to be fruitful and multiply. And though this is usually discussed in terms of childbearing, we should also be productive in the works of the Lord based on the abundance of love we receive from Him in our hearts.

I’m not interested in doing things to check off a list of tasks. Rather, I’m seeking to be productive in my faith based on the purpose He has placed me here for.

To find out more about my Scripture of the Year and to consider how to discern your own, check out my article on Medium.

What is your Scripture of the Year? And what revelation did God unveil to you about this area of your life where you are being challenged?

Share your revelations below.

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