Welcome to Revelations of an Heiress!

It’s about time I finally introduce myself.  My name is Amber Pommier-Johnson, and I am the heart and the stories behind Revelations of an Heiress.  As an author, blogger, and Christian lifestyle coach, I love spending my time here, sharing the lessons and blessings God shows me in everyday moments.  I haven’t been much of one to showcase myself or even my family, but I want to get to know you just as you get to know me.

I’m relaunching the site today as a renewed commitment to this ministry.  I love the way God uses people to encourage and challenge others, and I’m blessed to be one of the vessels He chooses to use in this manner.  As much as God wants relationship with us, we also need relationships with one another.  And I’m looking forward to growing a special relationship with you, my audience, the mighty women of God, the heiresses to His Kingdom.

So feel free to share the blog, any particular posts that speak to you, and comment often.  My hope is not just to share my own revelations, but to build a community of strong Christian wives and mothers that grow in their walk with Christ together.  I’m here to do life with you, and I’m looking forward to the fruitful fellowship of my sisters in Christ.

In Him,


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